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Kings Norton Coaches

Established in 1989

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More than a year ago

Verified Customer

"Allocated seats were not cleaned and had sand on them, the driver cleaned with spray. Surely in times of COVID the coach seats should be cleaned and disinfected after every trip? Those that got on coach first also got off last increasing travel time by nearly 2 hours more than some passengers and multiple extra drop-offs added to the frustration."

Would they recommend: No

Driver: Alfie

Operator replied on 3rd September 2021, 5:49pm:
"Hi Kath, Sorry to hear your experience wasn't that of a good one. Our vehicles are typically cleaned and disinfected after every journey especially in times of covid, we have implemented a higher cleaning standard than in 'normal' times. It looks like a couple of the seats were missed on this occasion which our drivers are only human and after a long day at work this can sometimes happen. The day before the vehicle had been on a seaside trip. I can only apologise for this and will make our drivers aware that this is not acceptable and to make sure that ALL seats are checked, cleaned and disinfected. In regards to drop off order on our day tours it is down to the drivers discretion to do the drop-offs in the quickest way possible. Just so happens that on the Llandudno excursion when arriving back to Birmingham from the north it makes sense to the drop offs in reverse order as we are passing those drop-off points anyway. It is all dependent on which direction the coach is returning from so it's not always the case with every excursion. The drop-off time period from from start to finish never exceed 1 hour so I'm unsure how the travel time was increased by nearly 2 hours in this instance. We have a number of phone calls to day about Mick the driver and yesterdays excursion and it has all been positive and not one of the customers has mentioned anything about the cleanliness of the bus. Sorry again that your experience with us wasn't a positive one."


More than a year ago

"I put 3/5 stars down to the driver not the company. We asked to stop for toilet break at services and was told to use a can/bottle thought he was joking but he moaned about if we stop the cars behind us would overtake us and we would be stuck behind them He did agree to stop in the end but was told we have 10 minutes or he will leave without us and then told very abruptly we can’t bring drinks back on the minibus incase we were stopped by police, anyway we arrived at Cheltenham and was told if we weren’t back by 7 on the dot he was leaving us there we got back to the minibus at 7:04 and he wasn’t happy and made it known, one of the lads was just finishing his drink as he told us we can’t bring drinks on the bus, he then stormed out the van being very vocal accusing us of trying to sneak it on we had to show him the empty drink on the side of the road before we got on bus on set off home which didn’t take long as he flew back. The minibus was clean and tidy and the trip was fine I would use Kings Norton Coaches again but I would request a different driver"

Would they recommend: Yes

Operator replied on 20th March 2019, 1:45pm:
"Dear Customer, Sorry to hear the driver wasn't up to our usual high standard,on this occasion we did have to use an agency staff driver, which we rarely have to do. I will ensure that your comments are passed on to the necessary person in charge. We look forward to seeing you in the future with any coach hire requirements you may have and will guarantee it will be one of our own professional drivers allocated to your job."

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