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My Local Minibus

Established in 2007

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More than a year ago

"Driver was great and on time but was a contractor. When calling the company the day before to ask if we could stop on the way to pick someone up (would have taken 5 mins) the person on the phone was very unhelpful and said if we do that then we will be late for the next pick does that mean they account for no extra time such as traffic etc? The quote stated there would be USB ports and WIFi in the cab. There wasn’t at all so don’t believe that. They sent an Amber Mini bus so obviously contract out and shouldn’t even state that there will be those things in. It was a selling point for us as we were on a full day out and would have been handy to charge up on the way back! I don’t think I would go with this company again. Cheap but not cheerful!"

Would they recommend: No

Operator replied on 3rd September 2018, 3:21pm:
"hi Thank you for your reply. I am sorry to hear you are disappointed about the extra pick up we couldn’t do for you as you rang us last minute which was the day before the booking. There were other bookings made well in advance and if i had allowed the so called 5 minutes extra pick up which wasn’t mentioned in the booking we would have been 5 minutes late for the next booking. Yes we do allow extra time for traffic etc for each booking. USB ports and WIFI are in all the vehicles we provide and we do not sub-contract our work as we do it ourselves. We are sorry we couldn’t do the extra pick up at the last minute but please don’t leave false allegations against our company."

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3 Church View Close
Derbyshire, DE55 6BZ
United Kingdom

Company Registered in England No: 12066038
VAT Registration No: 184097777