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My Local Minibus

Established in 2007

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More than a year ago

"Wasn't happy with 1 aspect of these 2 journeys. First of all the driver turned up 15 minutes late to pick us up, he'd been to Newcastle prior to picking us up so clearly didn't have enough time to get us at the agreed time. The drive going there wasn't great, constantly swerving out of his lane into the hard shoulder on the motorway. The drive home is when it got 10x worse, a few on board are convinced he fell asleep at the wheel. The minibus started to swerve right into other lanes on the motorway (1 car also beeped his horn at him in frustration) and the drivers head wasn't even looking at the road. Again constantly driving over the hard shoulder a good 5-6 times coming back. Unneccessarily breaking on the motorway with nothing around us, then driving at 35-40mph for a good while. All this was made even worse when we got into Leeds city centre and he started doing 50mph through the streets because he "knew where he was now" - all this resulting in him nearly hitting a cyclist too! We asked if we could have music on and he only had an aux cable - however we didn't see the point as the music kept going off so he could talk on the phone. A genuinely terrible, frightening experience for everyone on the journey - can safely say will never be using these again."

Would they recommend: Yes

Operator replied on 30th July 2018, 12:15pm:
"Hi I am sorry to hear you are disappointed about your journey and yes the driver was five minutes late not fifteen minutes late.The driver did contact you to let you know he was running late due to a bit of traffic. After checking dash board cam which is fitted to the vehicle there is no evidence of the bus swerving. There are roadworks on A64 which is restricted to 40 mile an hour, the driver can only abide by the road works. I can see your frustration of the aux wire not working which made it impossible for you to listen to music on your journey, but the radio was working and you had the option of cds too. When you booked the return journey you only requested one drop off and then on the day you asked for more drop offs.The driver can only do what you requested at the making of the booking. So if the driver refused the extras you requested on the day it’s unfair to leave negative feedback. We are a reliable punctual company who looks after customers and ensures they reach their destination safely."

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3 Church View Close
Derbyshire, DE55 6BZ
United Kingdom

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