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Established in 2010

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4 months ago

"The members became very stressed when they had to wait as apparently the driver had been sent to the wrong address because our manager failed to put Sainsbury redcar street which was meant to be the pick up point. However, the driver didn't phone us to find out where we were until 10.36 and then even though it was only just around the corner - 5 mins away, didn't turn up until 10 50 when the coach arrived and went straight past the people waiting and round the block again and people were worried that he was going without them! I have had a lot of negative feedback about that one. It was our fault originally apparently, but I couldn't understand why it took so long to get from the warren centre round to Sainsbury. However, the driver himself was very pleasant and friendly and the rest of the trip went fine. It was a challenge for him to find places in Christchurch to drop off and the same in Bournemouth. Unfortunately, because of the nature of our people's issues, some people stress about things that maybe don't matter that much. The driver was very nice. The coach was not that clean. Apparently kids had been on the day before and brought forest pine needles in which are difficult to pick up. I did get feedback about empty bottles being on the floor etc., and it needing to be a bit cleaner. (However that was from someone who is obsessional) Others said it was not too bad. The coach was o.k. for comfort"

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