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Reviews for Coach and Private Hire Companies

Collect Customer Reviews for Coach, Minibus and Taxi Hire... Create Customer Confidence.

Collect Customer Reviews for Coach, Minibus and Taxi Hire

Request reviews either manually or directly through your management system via our APIs.

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Showcase reviews by adding small widgets to your own website to display live and up to date reviews.

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Advertise via your own company profile which shows your fleet and feedback from customers.

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Why join Trusted Travel Reviews?

Get great genuine real life reviews. Only customers that have used your service get the chance to leave a review for you. Each and everyone of your customers are asked to leave you feedback creating a fair level playing field, unlike other platforms where most customers will only find you to leave you negative comments.

OVER 30% of people asked to leave a review will do so.

Advertise your business

As part of your account you'll have the opportunity to build your own profile, by uploading details about your company, including:

  • A comprehensive web profile for your business
    You will have your own website (profile page) within Trusted Travel Reviews. For example: Barnes Coaches Profile. Increasing your presence in organic search – TTR profiles rank highly within search engines
  • A mark of quality
    You can earn your business a Trusted Travel Reviews Excellence Award, an accredited badge which highlights you as an excellent operator. Create customer confidence
  • Showcase your reviews everywhere
    Your reviews are invaluable – show them on your website, your quotations, TTR website. You will be surprised how many new leads you generate as a result of this.
  • Dedicated support throughout your membership
    Our team are always on hand to help you get the most out of your account and will guide you as to why reviews are so vital in the online world to keep you ahead of the game
  • Access to members area
    Here you can customise your profile by uploading your logo, vehicle photos and company profile. Keep in touch with customers and view your statistics
  • Incentivize your Drivers
    Get drivers on board by asking for reviews from all passengers onboard. Drivers with best reviews to be rewarded. Also highlight any issues so you can strengthen your service.

Bryant Travel said...

"Two new members of staff chose to take our offer of employment instead of working for a large operator in the area because of our reviews..."

Transparency and honesty is key for the future of businesses as things move forward online.

Customer feedback is the only real objective way to prove how great a business is, grow reputation and increase conversions along the way.

Why choose Trusted Travel Reviews over other review platforms?

Trusted Travel Reviews ensures a level playing field when it comes to obtaining customer feedback. Most review platforms attract one particular type of customer - the one that wants to complain. When customers have a bad experience, they have a natural, compelling urge to tell the world about it, it's human nature.

Trusted Travel Reviews ensures a level playing field by allowing you to send out requests to all customers, ensuring that you receive a broad range of feedback from customers.

Customers also don't need to create an account to submit a review, which can create a barrier to obtaining the feedback you desire.

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