Operator Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions ("agreement") applies to companies' ("operator") use of Trusted Travel Reviews.


The terms of use listed below include the use of Trusted Travel Reviews (hereafter referred to as 'the service'). By using the service you accept that you must abide by these terms. Any reference to the words ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to Trusted Travel Reviews. The term ‘operator’ refers to the business using Trusted Travel Reviews to collect feedback from customers and use the service. If you do not wish to accept the terms you are not allowed to use the service.


To obtain access and make full use of the service, you must register for an account on the website.

Whilst registering, you must provide some basic contact information as well as create a password to enable you to login to the service. The password is unique to your account and must not be shared with any third party.

We reserve the right to deactivate and/or delete your account at any time without notice.


All reviews, mentions and other forms of communication (hereafter referred to as ‘submissions’) that are received from customers via the service will be regarded as non-confidential, non-exclusive and will not entitle the customer or operator to any royalties or form of compensation.

Customers are responsible for the content of the submissions they publish via the service. Trusted Travel Reviews are in no way responsible for any libellous comments or submissions that could be classed as defamation in a British court of law.

Customers may not publish submissions on the website that contain:

a) Sexist or racist characteristics or content, or condescends certain people or groups.
b) Content, including copyrighted material.
c) Disloyal or unlawful purpose or content
d) Libellous that are known to be false.
e) Any personal information

Customers are responsible for the legality of the submission. If the submission violates any of the above points, it will be removed immediately.

The customer must guarantee that Trusted Travel Reviews is held indemnified for any demand raised by a third party against Trusted Travel Reviews as a result of the customers’ violation.

We reserve the right to delete any submissions at any time and without notice or explanation. If you wish to contact us regarding a deleted submission then please email us at info@trustedtravelreviews.co.uk and we will do our best to provide an explanation.

We reserve the right to send a review request email on behalf of an operator if requested to do so by a genuine operator.


All company names, branding and trademarks and the service belongs to either Trusted Travel Reviews or operators/ third parties, and can only be used for business purposes once permission has been obtained from us or the third party.

Rights to the free use of our submissions are nontransferable, upon the submissions being processed by us.

The website's content can not be copied and displayed anywhere else on the internet without prior permission from Trusted Travel Reviews.


Trusted Travel Reviews does not operate on a contract basis. Should you wish to terminate your account with us, please email us at info@trustedtravelreviews.co.uk.

Trusted Travel Reviews reserve the right to display submissions sent via the service after an operator account has been removed.


Operators shall indemnify Trusted Travel Reviews against any loss or damage suffered or incurred by Trusted Travel Reviews as a result of any submission or third party claim (including claims or allegations by any government authority) that:

(a) the use of any content provided by customer infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party and/or violates applicable law or the Guidelines; (b) Trusted Travel Reviews use of Consumer data in accordance with this Agreement is in breach of the Data Protection Requirements or any other applicable laws related to data privacy; or (c) any email message sent or caused to be sent by Trusted Travel Reviews on behalf of an operator violates any applicable law, rule or regulation.

The operator shall not bring any claim against Trusted Travel Reviews arising from or related to any submission, including without limitation, any claim that the submission is defamatory, offensive or otherwise harmful. The operator shall indemnify Trusted Travel Reviews against any loss or damage suffered or incurred by Trusted Travel Reviews as a result of any such claim, whether such claim is brought by a customer, any of the customer's affiliates, or any of its or their officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, shareholders, or other associated third parties.


Neither party excludes any loss in respect of personal injury or death, fraudulent misrepresentation or any other loss that may not be lawfully excluded or limited under English law.

Neither party shall be liable for any loss of profits or revenues, loss of business opportunity, loss of goodwill or reputation, loss of data or any indirect, consequential or special loss whatsoever.


To protect your information, our service uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure browsing.

Trusted Travel Reviews operator accounts require an email address and password to log in. You must keep your email address and password secure, and never disclose it to a third party. Because the information is so sensitive, account passwords are encrypted for added security, which means we don’t have access to your passwords. We cannot resend forgotten passwords either, only reset them.


In connection with the use of the services, we collect user data when operators register with Trusted Travel Reviews. This data is stored by us using our chosen hosting provider, and will not be passed to a third party without prior consent.

To help improve our service, we process information about usage behaviour by our operators, including total number of visitors. The information, however, is not processed in a way that can trace behaviour of specific operatord.

Cookies are used on the service to monitor an operator’s behaviour and tailor the website’s content accordingly. However, we do not gather information stored in cookies that can connect user behaviours with specific users.

Our processing of personal data is carried out according to the law of personal data.

Operators can contact us at info@trustedtravelreviews.co.uk if they wish to request information about what data is processed about them or if they wish to have the data deleted or amended. Operatord can also withdraw consent, which will be considered as a request to have their information deleted.

We have a number of technical arrangements in place to ensure that personal information being processed is not deleted, lost or get into the hands of unauthorised third parties.

Operators agree to comply with its obligations under EU Data Protection Directives as a data controller and any other legislation and/or binding regulations implementing or made pursuant to them ("Data Protection Requirements").

When enabling an operator account, the operator is regarded as the data controller of the customers’ submitted data. Trusted Travel Reviews is regarded as the data processor. This means that Trusted Travel Reviews will only act upon instruction from its operators in regards to the data submitted by customers. It is the sole responsibility of the operator to inform Trusted Travel Reviews of any contravention of these terms. Trusted Travel Reviews shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the data is not unintentionally destroyed, lost, disclosed or obtained by any unauthorised third party that would be in violation of Data Protection Regulations. Trusted Travel Reviews will supply the operator with the necessary tools to ensure that these requirements are met.

Trusted Travel Reviews is not responsible and assumes no liability for the customers’ use of the service, including the content submitted by the customer. Trusted Travel Reviews cannot control or monitor the content submitted via its service and does not endorse any submitted content. The content submitted does not represent the opinions of Trusted Travel Reviews, its affiliates, partners, directors, employees, contractors or shareholders.

The agreement of these terms shall not be regarded as Trusted Travel Reviews’ approval or endorsement of the operator or its products and services. The operator may not market itself to give public declarations that conflict the above.

The operator’s use of the service must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations at all times. The operator warrants to Trusted Travel Reviews that its use of the service shall not cause Trusted Travel Reviews to violate any applicable laws, rules or regulations or to violate the privacy rights of any third party.

When the operator signs up for an account, a password to access the account is created. This password may only be used by the operator it is attributed to, and the operator is responsible for the use of the service within the operator’s account.

When submitting a review, your name and/or email address will still be viewable to the operator that the review is attributed to, event if you request the review to be submitted anonymously.


Trusted Travel Reviews offers an advanced technological solution for collating genuine reviews.

Any reviews collected via Trusted Travel Reviews are yours to take with you as you please. Please be mindful of googles duplicate content rules as displaying identical reviews elsewhere could damage your website SEO.


Trusted Travel Reviews does not submit or publish submissions on the website. Trusted Travel Reviews cannot be held accountable for any reviews and comments submitted. If you would like to discuss the removal of any content, please email us at info@trustedtravelreviews.co.uk.

Trusted Travel Reviews accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, language, grammar or completeness of any submissions made by customers.

Trusted Travel Reviews does not read or edit any submissions made by customers, and in no way can be held responsible for such submissions. If any submissions contain third party links, Trusted Travel Reviews will accept no responsibility or liability for the content of such links.

Trusted Travel Reviews reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, as well as the right to remove the service at any time and without prior warning.

We reserve the right to delete reviews that are solicited from external websites.


You agree that we may identify you as an operator on the Trusted Travel Reviews website.

Reviews submitted by customers will only be displayed on trustedtravelreviews.co.uk, Google, Bing, the operators’ own websites and Coach Hire Comparison (https://www.coachhirecomparison.co.uk).

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