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Marshalls of Sutton on Trent

Established in 1900

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More than a year ago

"It’s unfortunate that Marshalls seem to have lost their way with the 90 bus to Nottingham. You’d expect a flagship route like the Fosseway Flyer to come with flagship features such as WiFi, USB chargers on board and contactless payment, but I was disappointed to find none of these when I recently travelled by bus rather than the train. It was pleasing, however, to find a friendly driver, and the fact the service drops off in the city centre is convenient - but it would be nice to see incentives like those mentioned provided to try and tempt people on board, especially considering the competing mode of transport (the train) is up to twice as fast as the bus - and therefore firmly in the lead in terms of ways of travelling between Newark and Nottingham. You may not be able to beat the journey time of the train - but you could certainly win in other areas!"

Would they recommend: Yes

Driver: Ross

Operator replied on 11th June 2019, 10:28am:
"Thank you for your anonymous review with a fake email address. We do not provide Wi-Fi as this requires a mobile network connection which on rural routes drops out, and most passengers have adequate data on their phone packages. USB charging may be an option in the future, but this does have a cost, so this would have to be passed on to our customers. The main focus of public transport is to provide travel at a relative cost in comfort and safety which we deliver. There are not many journeys where you are required to stand for the duration of the journey unlike the train"


More than a year ago

"We have recently moved to South Witham and my daughter travels to Walton Girls School via the 28 centre bus and the then X22 from Grantham Bus Station to the girls school, this journey works well up until the point she needs to catch the X22, which is late at least half the time, this is the only bus my daughter can get yet due to its lateness she is missing lessons. Have you any idea why this service is so unreliable?"

Would they recommend: No

Operator replied on 12th November 2018, 9:46am:
"Could you email details of this issue to as we are unaware of any "very "late running but are aware of a minor delay"

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