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Diamond Coaches Ltd

Established in 2006

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More than a year ago

"I was asked the day before if it would be okay if our driver was 15minutes late. I said this was fine and the person informed me that the driver would do his best to be on time but was warning me in case he was delayed. After been given the supposed drivers number, on the day I messaged him to confirm he was on his way. He informed me he was not my driver. 20 minutes after the coach should’ve been here here was no sign, no one was picking up their phone until I got through to someone who said he was on his way and they were trying to contact him. He then turned up 50 minutes late and we missed our reservation in Manchester and had to cancel the plans. The driver informed me that he was told our booking was at 2.30 and so I agreed to take the booking last minute and asked them to confirm if it was ok if he was abit late. Our booking was for 2pm and not 2.30 so the driver wasn’t aware of this and thought he was on time. This Mis communication is not acceptable and the fact it resulted in our plans being cancelled for my friends hen do. Waiting 15 mins is okay but 50 minutes late it ridiculous. The driver was helpful though and it was not his fault it was the company organising. I would appreciate someone contacting me about this."

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Company Information

3 Church View Close
Derbyshire, DE55 6BZ
United Kingdom

Company Registered in England No: 12066038
VAT Registration No: 184097777