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Customer, Leicestershire


3 weeks ago

"I initially contacted this company for a quote. It was competitive so I booked it through coach hire comparison. I rang them directly to talk about details and they just had no idea about my booking that I had made and I lost all faith in them so I told them to not worry. A month or so before my event (at this point I had booked someone else) I got a text from this company saying that they had confirmed my booking. As I hadn’t done this I rang them straight back and said I hadn’t confirmed the booking I rang for a quote, and I wished to cancel whatever was booked under my name. Fast forward to this weekend, our minibus arrives we all jumped on, excited about our day ahead. Just as we left my road another minibus of a similar size rounded the corner and slowed down outside my house. I was then worried what had happened. My mum asked what the company I had booked was called and that this bus said ‘zoom’ on the window (I hadn’t realised this early as the bus parked up the street and it was raining so I ran up to and on it as quick as I could). I immediately realised what had happened and asked the driver to turn around. Thankfully he was understanding and was on his phone (whilst driving) to his management company to find out what had happened. He let us off the bus, I explained what had happened and apologised as it wasn’t his fault. It’s just odd that I asked to cancel the booking and they didn’t. And also I hadn’t paid them a deposit whereas I had to the other company! Why would they turn up without a deposit? Did they try their luck? How much would they have charged me if we hadn’t realised? Thankfully it all turned out ok (for me and the other bus company who I had actually booked!) All I can say in zoom’s favour is that the bus was new, modern, clean and much nicer than the one we got on."

Would they recommend: No

Justin Gleich, Leeds


More than a year ago

"The company and the driver were very helpful and did a great job. The minibus was really nice as well."

Would they recommend: Yes

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Derbyshire, DE55 6BZ
United Kingdom

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